Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer is Almost Here

The year goes by fast and it seems like just yesterday we were hoping for snow and not getting any. Such is life in Washington, warmer winters with rain and colder summers with, you guessed it, rain. Even though this has been one of our coldest springs ever we are finally getting a break with some good spring weather, I heard we may even reach 80 degrees this weekend.

I just took this picture off of my back porch to prove that there are days when we don't have to deal with rain.

I do enjoy the summer. It isn't my favorite season but it has its perks. I like food so that means BBQ's are always a good thing that comes often with summer time. I also enjoy swimming and boating which I plan on doing much of this summer.

In the midst of my busy schedule I am hoping to find some rest this summer. My job (which I love) is one that keeps me busy almost everyday of my life. When I am not at work I am constantly thinking about work and thinking about what I am forgetting to do at work. My job also requires me to wear many hats with what I do. My title is Director of Student Ministries, but I just go by Youth Pastor. Fridays are my days off but I spent much of today making calls and sending text messages as well as planning some stuff for the summer time. So while I still have much on my plate I am going to do my best to find some time to just relax and forget about work and read some good books and try to rejuvenate before the fall hits so that I am prepared to jump into another busy ministry year.


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  1. Good grief. With a shot like that... sometimes I forget how lucky we are!