Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Writers Block

There have been times in my life as a songwriter that I have had writers block and have had to work hard to get past it in order to write more music. Writers block has now become a lifetime disease that I cannot find the cure for. Music is no longer the only element that I am desiring to write for, I now aspire to write regularly in this blog which I have failed at, I am trying to write a book with a friend, and I am constantly writing curriculum for the Youth Ministry that I have been entrusted with. On top of this I am still writing music for two different projects.

I am now in a season of life where I just can't put the desire with the time, and when I do have the time the desire to rest overtakes the desire for creativity. Somewhere I need the hit the reset button on my priorities and schedule and try to re-write my goals and daily routine to make way for more writing. I once heard it said that "the difference between writers and everybody else is writers write". I want to be a writer. I know that my writing style and technique is nowhere where I would like it to be. But for now I must just find a way to keep writing.

So here we go at another attempt to post on here regularly along with time slotted for other forms of creating writing. Hopefully within the year I will have many of my projects completed so I can share them here.

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  1. Just keep writing. :) Cause I want to keep reading.