Monday, December 26, 2011

And we're back

I am back after a long hiatus with always trying to catch up with life and put off writing in the mean time. The truth of it all is that you really cannot be caught up with everything in life, otherwise you would have no purpose and you will be out of things to chase or to conquer. So now that I see this for what it is I know that I will never write if I don't make myself do it. I will never write on here, I will never write the two books that I have ideas for, and I will never write music anymore if I don't push myself to make time for it in the middle of life.

So instead of "waiting" to be caught up with life I am going to re-organize my life, which must happen through prioritizing different things. This of course will be items like my time with God, Work, Family and of course different creative outlets through different forms of art that keep me sane in the midst of busy. I will be making a list of things to check off daily to make sure the important things are happening first, but also making sure I leave room for the other things that are still pretty important. Things like writing, and creating.

My wife and I love books, we love to read them, we love to study them, and we love to collect them. This becomes difficult when we run out of book shelf space. And to make things even more difficult we tend to run out of room for bookshelves themselves. The picture above is a new bookshelf of ours that we recently purchased and set up in our living room. We found the perfect one that would meet our needs for making new space for organizing our books. This picture also represents my life, it is constantly filling up with new things, and I need to just find more space to carry all of these things in a more organized manner so that I can still get through life without falling over.

While I will not be sharing any of my lists on here I will say that I will try to get back into blogging more regularly after the new year.

Thats all for now, Merry Christmas!

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